Laurier Centennial Conference: AMMCS-2011

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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CS-MISC Session Speakers
  1. AMMCS-PaperID-4 Natarajan Vijayarangan Aspects of SIMPLE - Secure Information, Mobile Computing, Pseudo Randomness, Lie Theory and Extensible Authentication
  2. AMMCS-PaperID-43 Fairouz Tchier Graphs and semantics ? Oral ?
  3. AMMCS-PaperID-226 Priti Kumar Roy and Jayanta Mondal Extinction of Disease Pathogenesis in Host- Pathogen Interactions and Its Subsequent Recovery: A Stochastic Approach
  4. AMMCS-PaperID-247 Saleh Mohammed Hassan Ahmed and D.G. Alamery Sextic B-spline collocation algorithm for the modified equal width equation
  5. AMMCS-PaperID-278 H. Cristyan Manta Caro, Octavio J. Salcedo Parra and C. Julieth Manta Caro Multi-Level Computational Linguistic Model based on Information Fusion Theory
  6. AMMCS-PaperID-302 Pradyumn Kumar Sahoo PLANE Symmetric domain walls and cosmic strings in bimetric theory
  7. AMMCS-PaperID-335 Teodora Figueroa Videos of a Baseball Game and Motion of a Simple Pendulum in Study and Research in Computational Mathematics
  8. AMMCS-PaperID-384 Waleed Khalid and Razman Tahar An integrated decision support system based simulation and mathematical programming of petroleum transportation logistics
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