International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computational Science: AMMCS-2011
WLU, Waterloo, Canada, July 23-29, 2011

(photos thanks to Alex Zhukov, Noor Jivraj and Sandra Muir)
AMMCS2011-group-photo1 AMMCS2011_05 AMMCS2011_30 AMMCS2011_54 AMMCS2011_63
AMMCS2011_64 AMMCS2011_65 AMMCS2011_07 AMMCS2011_01 AMMCS2011_11
AMMCS2011_71 AMMCS2011_09 AMMCS2011_10 AMMCS2011_12 AMMCS2011_13
AMMCS2011-opening3 AMMCS2011_62 AMMCS2011_34 AMMCS2011_14 AMMCS2011_18
AMMCS2011_19 AMMCS2011_20 AMMCS2011_21 AMMCS2011_22 AMMCS2011_23