Laurier Centennial Conference: AMMCS-2011

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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Special Sessions and Minisymposia at AMMCS-2011

The conference has a series of special sessions and minisymposia, each devoted to a single topic. These special sessions and minisymposia are run over a full range of topics of the conference, including
  • Mathematics and Computation in Biological Sciences and Medicine.
  • Partial Differential and Integral Equations in Mathematical Modeling.
  • Applications of Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations.
  • Computational Physics and Chemistry.
  • Computational Algebra, Combinatorics and Optimization.
  • Mathematical Models in Social Sciences.
  • Computational Mechanics and Engineering.
  • Financial Mathematics and Computation.
  • Statistical Modelling.
  • Mathematical Modelling in Environmental Sciences.

Our Special Sessions/Minisymposia and their ID codes are (click at the title for more information):

# ID Title Organizer(s)
1. SS-HDS Minisymposium: Recent progress on hybrid dynamical systems Xinzhi Liu (UW)

Minisymposium: Computational Number Theory

Kevin Hare (UW), Patrick Ingram (UW)
3. SS-MB Minisymposium: Recent Advances in Mathematical Biology Sue Ann Campbell (UW), Yuming Chen (Laurier)
4. SS-CC Minisymposium: Computational Chemistry Ian Hamilton (Laurier), Randall Dumont (McMaster)
5. SS-SND Minisymposium on Symmetry in Nonlinear Dynamics: Applications and Numerics

Pietro-Luciano Buono(UOIT), Manuele Santoprete, Cristina Stoica (Laurier)

6. SS-MNANO Mathematical Models for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Zoran Miskovic,  A. Hamed Majedi (UW)
7. SS-DAE Design and Analysis of Experiments & Statistical Methods Manohar L. Aggarwal (Memphis)
8. SS-CNP Computational Nano-photonics Marek Wartak, Brian West (Laurier)
9. SS-BNANO Computational Bio-nanotechnology Hin-Hark Gan (NYU), Gaurav Arya (UCSD)
10. SS-AAIP Minisymposium: Applied Analysis & Inverse Problems Marcus Garvie, Herb Kunze (Guelph)
11. SS-TAF Minisymposium: Theory and Applications in Finance Joe Campolieti, Nick Costanzino, Roman Makarov (Laurier)
12. SS-MBP Minisymposium: Modeling in Biophysics Bae-Yeun Ha (UW), Mikko Karttunen (UWO)
13. SS-EG Evolutionary Games in Biology and Ecology Joe Apaloo (St. Francis Xavier), Ross Cressman (Laurier)
14. SS-MMPF Mathematical Modeling of Protein Flexibility Forbes Burkowski and Henry Wolkowicz (UW)
15. SS-HAM Homogenization and Applications in the Modelling of Nanoplasmonic Sensors Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor)
16. SS-IM Industrial Mathematics Sean Bohun (UOIT), Huaxiong Huang (York)
17. SS-VS Minisymposium: Numerical Methods for First and Second Order Fully Nonlinear PDEs Xiaobing Feng (U. of Tennessee), Chiu-Yen Kao (Ohio State), Ying Wang (University of Minnesota)
18. SS-CMHP Minisymposium: Computational Methods for Hyperbolic Problems Jae-Hun Jung (SUNY, University at Buffalo), Allen Tesdall (CUNY, College of Staten Island)
19. SS-EHT Recent Advances in Energy Harvesting Technologies Armaghan Salehian (UW)
20. SS-SGT Structured Graph Theory and Applications Chinh Hoang, Kathie Cameron (Laurier)
21. SS-CA Differential and Integral Symbolic-Numeric Algorithms Ekaterina Shemyakova (UWO)
22. SS-SMES Statistical modeling in environmental sciences Yulia Gel (UW), Sylvia Esterby (UBC, Okanagan)
23. SS-CDPB Minisymposium: Complex Dynamics of Population Behaviour with Impact to Socio-Economic Issues Monica Cojocaru, Christopher Hogg, Veronica Gheorghiade (Guelph)
24. SS-MMNS Mathematical Modelling in Neuro-science Shoja Chenouri, Paul Marriott (UW)
25. SS-HPC Minisymposium: High Performance Computing: From Models of Computation to Applications Marc Moreno Maza, Yuzhen Xie (UWO)
26. SS-SSD Minisymposium: Progress and Prospects in Model-Based Scientific Software Development Christopher Anand, Spencer Smith, Diane Kelly, Jacques Carette (McMaster and RMC)
27. SS-LSCA Large scale computer algebra applications Thomas Wolf (Brock)
28. SS-HONM Minisymposium: High Order Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations Ching-Shan Chou (Ohio State), Jun Jia (Oak Ridge), Yulong Xing (U. of Tennessee and Oak Ridge)
29. SS-CBSG Connections between Statistics and Genetics John Braun (UWO), Doug Woolford (Laurier)
30. SS-PMHP Physics and Mathematics of the Human Placenta Dimitri Vvedensky (Imperial College London), Carolyn Salafia (Placental Analytics)
31. SS-MMSS Mathematical Models in Social Sciences Marc Kilgour (Laurier)

Minisymposium: Mathematical and Computational Modelling of Influenza

Catherine Beauchemin, Hana Dobrovolny (Ryerson University)
33. SS-NMMM Minisymposium: Numerical Methods for Mathematical Models Based on ODEs, PDEs, Integral and  Integro-differential Equations Atife Caglar (University of
Wisconsin), Faranak Pahlevani (Penn State)
34. SS-SCPD Mathematical Modeling for Supply Chain and Product Development in High-Tech Industries

Amy H. I. Lee (Chung Hua University, Taiwan)

35. SS-AQT Queueing Theory and Applications Douglas Woolford (Laurier), David Stanford (UWO)
36. SS-SDAEA Minisymposium: New developments in numerical methods and software for differential-algebraic equations and applications Andreas Griewank (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), John Pryce (Cranfield), and Ned Nedialkov (McMaster)

Please note the ID code assigned to your presentation (identical to the ID code of your accepted abstract). It is required for submitting your paper for the AMMCS-2011 Proceedings. Submission is not mandatory. All submitted papers will be refereed and only accepted papers will be published in the AMMCS-2011 Proceedings.

If you intend to submit your paper, please go to the AMMCS-2011 Proceedings Page. Follow exactly the Author Instructions accessible from that page.

To submit a new session or a minisymposium, organizers should send an e-mail to (cc to with the following information:

  • The title of the minisymposium/session;
  • The name(s) of the organizer(s);
  • A brief description (up to 100 words).
While planning your minisymposium or a special session, please note that
  • Minisymposia talks will be 30 minutes and will be arranged into 2 hour sessions of 4 talks each.
  • Special sessions have usually 4 talks (30 minutes each).
  • One registered participant has a limit of two talks at the meeting.

For special sessions' and minisymposia organizers registration fee is waved. The deadline for minisymposia/special sessions proposals submission is March 1, 2011.

Please direct your potential contributors to the submission page. The deadline for abstract submission is March 15, 2011.

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